How Outrack Services Works for You

When Members fail to get or maintain Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), many Credit Unions have become conditioned to force-place insurance on their Members. Outrack has discovered a “profitable” alternative to force-placed insurance that actually makes money for the Credit Unions, not the insurance companies, and still protects insurable interests. Outrack partners with Credit Union to turn what was an unpleasant and unprofitable experience for the institution and its Members into a rewarding one.

Outrack enters into a “Joint-venture” with the Credit Unions to protect insurable interests, neutralize charge-offs, and generate extra income in the process. A division of labor is maintained and both parties contribute expertise, time, energy and resources to the commonwealth. To facilitate this, Outrack shares its intellectual property and trade secrets that enables both parties to prosper.

Today we have a superior solution that offers:

  • Collateral Protection
  • Residual Income
  • Credit Union Control
  • Greater Member Satisfaction


  • Financial Security Credit Union
  • Medow Gold Credit Union
  • Desert View Credit Union
  • Pacfic Rails Credit Union
  • Grand County Credit Union
  • Hi-Land Credit Union
  • Newspaper Employee Credit Union
  • Pacific Horizon Credit Union
  • P&S Credit Union
  • Premier Services Credit Union
  • Trans West Credit Union
  • Electrical Federal Credit Union
  • Granite Credit Union
  • Roswell Community Federal Credit Union
  • San Juan Credit Union
  • Scenic Falls Federal Credit Union