Who Is Outrack Services?

We are a full service insurance tracking company for financial institutions.  Once a partnership is created, Outrack Services becomes a department of the Credit Union and does all that we can to service the Credit Union and Members.  We handle all insurance questions and work to resolve any insurance issues the Member has with the insurance company.   All of our representatives have experience working in Credit Unions and have been trained thoroughly to help with customer service requests.

Outrack Services came about because we recognized that Credit Unions were frustrated with not having control over refunds that Members were due, which led to  many unhappy Members of Credit Unions.  The reason for this was that, first, insurance companies made their money selling insurance. They added their excessive premiums onto the balance of the loan, leaving the Member upside-down in their loan and leaving the Credit Union to collect the money from the Member. Unfortunately, this method was not in the best interest of the Credit Union or the Member.

The Outrack system saves the Member money, helping them into a better position on their loan. It also puts the revenue directly to the bottom line of the Credit Union instead of the insurance company (which also helps the Members).

Second, when a Member is due a refund, the Credit Union is at the complete mercy of the insurance company in both the timeliness and amount of the refund.

The Outrack system puts the control back into the hands of the Credit Union. Because the revenue goes directly to the Credit Union, it is able to immediately refund whatever amount of money it chooses.  This approach builds a successful Credit Union with satisfied Members.


  • Financial Security Credit Union
  • Medow Gold Credit Union
  • Desert View Credit Union
  • Pacfic Rails Credit Union
  • Grand County Credit Union
  • Hi-Land Credit Union
  • Newspaper Employee Credit Union
  • Pacific Horizon Credit Union
  • P&S Credit Union
  • Premier Services Credit Union
  • Trans West Credit Union
  • Electrical Federal Credit Union
  • Granite Credit Union
  • Roswell Community Federal Credit Union
  • San Juan Credit Union
  • Scenic Falls Federal Credit Union